Microscale City

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Hello everyone,

one of my biggest builds so far is this microscale city.
Microscale City

The project started with a few small modular buildings that could be arranged as desired on a base plate.
Small modular cityKleine modulare Stadt mit abgenommenen Modulen

Around 2018, I wanted to expand this to a large 48x48 baseplate. During construction, however, I decided to leave out the modular aspect, mainly due to my somewhat more limited parts selection at the time. The result was this small city:
First microscale city

After about a year, I started building an extension, replacing the dark gray tiles on the streets of the old half with black ones.
Old half with new streetsOld half with new streets view 2

Here are a few close-ups of the old town:

A waterfront promenade with a beach and some stores, including a LEGO store
Waterfront promenade

The city center with a few skyscrapers and a large parking lot
City center

The idea behind this was that there used to be a city wall along the waterfront, and the remaining pieces were integrated into the modern buildings.
LEGO store with city wall

And a small villa at the back
Modern villa

But now to the extension. I invested even more time in the individual buildings to provide more variety and detail.
City expansion view 1City expansion view 2

Below this is a small church, for which I had originally planned this church including lighting, but which would not have fitted the scale.
Small church

A large hotel

And a few different stores, including a music store...
Music store

...a laundry...

...and a car dealer with small cars behind the shop window
Car dealer

Finally, a close-up of the park, with some trees, a large lake and a pavilion.
Central park

I also uploaded the whole thing to YouTube back then:
- The original city
- The extension