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Shop with Apartment

01.03.2024 | 35 views | I built my own modular building around the same time as the Microscale City.

Building from the front

Blog | LEGO Dominoes

24.02.2024 | 13 views | At the last Bricking-Bavaria meetup we had the idea to build LEGO dominoes to bring them to upcoming meetings/exhibitions.


Blog | Mondstadt Update 2

16.02.2024 | 26 views | Another building in Mondstadt has been completed.

Headquarters of the Favonius Knights

Museum Diorama

16.01.2024 | 28 views | In 2017 I got the Iconic Cave (Set 5004936) as a gift with my purchase in the LEGO store, whose figures inspired me to build this little diorama.

Museum Diorama

Microscale City

16.01.2024 | 53 views | One of my biggest builds so far is this microscale city.

Microscale City

Futuristic City Block

14.01.2024 | 44 views | It's been a few years since this block was built, but I'd still like to write a few words about it.

Futuristic house block

Microscale Church

14.01.2024 | 32 views | I actually built this little church as part of my microscale city.

Church from the front

Stormtrooper Helmet

14.01.2024 | 27 views | Here's another of my older projects, a stormtrooper helmet.

Stormtrooper helmet front

Modern House

14.01.2024 | 29 views | About 5 years ago I built the following building.

Front view

Small House

14.01.2024 | 23 views | Here is another older model of mine.

House from the front

Foldable Ping Pong Table

14.01.2024 | 28 views | Here's one of my older projects that I still had lying around.

Boring table

Blog | Favonius Cathedral

14.01.2024 | 28 views | Here's a quick detail of the Favonius Cathedral for my Mondstadt project.

Favonius Cathedral

Blog | Current Sorting System

14.01.2024 | 31 views | Over the last few weeks I've been rearranging my office to make room for a new desk.

Sorting system

SigFig Battlepod

14.01.2024 | 28 views | Having recently become more active in the community again, I've decided to update my, no longer quite so accurate, SigFig.

Interior view