SigFig Battlepod

< Home | 14.01.2024 20:03

Hello everyone,

having recently become more active in the community again, I've decided to update my, no longer quite so accurate, SigFig.

Hoping for future swaps, I immediately ordered some of the parts via Bricklink, but I wanted to add something special. This brought to mind the empty container of the Tiger Tuxedo Batman figure I had lying around for a while, with some areas that would be great for custom stickers.

With a lot of luck I found a large quantity of them on Bricklink for a more than affordable price, and so I decided to realize the concept:

Interior viewFront viewRear viewMany pods

For cost reasons, I printed and cut the stickers myself. I used waterproof outdoor labels, which made them pretty sturdy. The resolution could be a bit better, but unfortunately that's all our laser printer was capable of.
And yes, removing the Batman stickers wasn't the most fun activity. ^^'