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Hello everyone,

I built my own modular building around the same time as the Microscale City. Thematically I wanted to keep it relatively simple, a small store and an apartment with a staircase on top.
Building from the frontBuilding from the backBuilding facade

Here are the individual floors:
Ground floor
Ground floor from diagonally aboveGround floor from above
Upper floor
Upper floor from diagonally aboveUpper floor from above

Let's first take a look at the store. Its colors are strongly inspired by an existing supermarket chain, it has two large shop windows and a few display stands in front of the entrance, as well as a small bench.
Entrance from the store

The interior contains a number of small details.
Interior of the store
There is a large air conditioning unit above the entrance and there are accesses from the store to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the checkout area.

Among other things, the store has a freezer shelf.
Frozen food shelf

And many other shelves with a wide variety of products.
Interior of the storeInterior of the store

And of course the checkout is a must.
The screen was not originally planned and was due to the length of the rail elements for the warehouse garage door.

The warehouse can be supplied through a large door behind the building. Inside there is a shelf with packaged products and a stack of crates.
Warehouse from the outsideWarehouse from the outside

Now we come to the apartment. This can be reached from the street via the stairwell.
Staircase first floor
There are a few letterboxes on the first floor of the stairwell.

Up the stairs is the front door to the apartment and a large window from the living room into the stairwell.
Staircase upper floor

The largest room in the apartment is the living room with kitchen, which includes a cozy sofa with reading lamp and a kitchenette.
Living room with kitchen

The apartment also has a bathroom, complete with toilet, sink and shower.

And a small bedroom with a bed and a chest of drawers.

Finally, a quick look at the roof of the building.
RoofRoof access
Here you will only find the air conditioning and a simple access with a fold-out ladder.

I also published this project on YouTube back then, you can find the link here.